After Sex Feelings

Okay, she’s going to be round soon. Make sure everything is tidy and looking good in here, and that there’s no rubbish lying around. Make it look good for her.

God, what I am going to do to her and that ass of her’s. Has she messaged me to tell me when she’s gonna get here?

Nope, nothing. Hmm, I suppose she’ll just get here when she gets here. How am I looking?

Yeah, decent. The mood lighting is all set too. Fucking hell, when is she going to get here?

Just go sit down and watch something on TV to pass the time.

Why has seeing her on Tinder thrown me off so much? Is she fucking someone else? We haven’t talked that much this week. I don’t really mind, but if I’m going in raw…

Is that her message? Nope. Fuck it. I’ll eat something. I’m getting bored now.


Finally, she sure took her sorry time.

Good God, she put a skirt and heels on like I asked. Good girl. She looks great.

Cherry lip balm too. Let me get a feel of that ass.

G string? Good girl. Nice and pert too. Just how I like it.

Let’s get this cooking formality over so I can fuck her again.

Should I ask her what she got up to this week? Or will that make me sound needy and insecure? I really want to know if she’s getting dates off Tinder.

I’m like a fucking girl. This pre-selection shit is making me want her more. It doesn’t even matter, but it’s got me so curious.

She’s not all over me like she was last time. Is something up?

Okay, let’s tease her a bit and get this rolling. She looks so cute cooking for me.

It’s funny gauging her reactions on what I know to say to her. She just falls straight into my hand.

I want to kiss her and grab her ass some more. Why is she taking so fucking long to cook? Is she doing it on purpose?

Either way, this is how it should be. Doing some work on my laptop and having a European girl cooking me food. Quality.

About time, can’t wait to eat.

I’ll just keep staring into her eyes. I’ll give her the sex look. She’ll fall for it.

She sounds so cute when she tries to speak in English. She’s getting all flustered if I just keep staring at her while she tries to talk.

That’s it, keep the confidence up. She’s melting like putty.

God, I can’t wait to pull her underwear off her soon. Let’s move this on with some more alcohol.

No resistance to more wine? No problem. She’s planning on staying the night then. Good. I’m going to fuck her and feel her sexy little body up all night. I can’t wait to be between her legs.

I love the way she giggles. It’s so feminine and cute. English girls just aren’t like this.

Stop slobbering when you’re eating, Matt. Not doing yourself any favours.

Alright, when is a good time to get her over to the sofa? I’ll just keep giving her the sex eyes as we talk.

Playing footsie with me? Love it. That’s sexy as hell. Oh God, the eyes she’s giving me. She looks so damn good.

Time to make a move. Just bounce her to the sofa and it’s on.

I forgot she was wearing that skirt. Wow. Just play it cool. I love the way she dresses. I could watch her walking around like that all day.

This is a better setting. I love listening to her talk. I’ll ask her to say something in Spanish to me. That’s much sexier.

Yeah, that’s hot. She looks a lot hotter talking in her native tongue. Let’s just get it on.

Fuck yes. At last. She’s such a good kisser too. I love the passion from these Spanish girls.

I’m not fucking her on this sofa. Carry her to the bed. You know she’ll like it.

You smooth fucking bastard.

Take charge. Lead the way. Let her submit to me. I’m the boss.

I really fucking love this part. She looks so sexy taking it off in that way.

I’ll start on top.

That was amazing. I love passionate sex like that. I don’t think I’ve had an English girl as good as this señorita.

Ahh. Give me some fucking space, love. Jesus.

Please, stop kissing me. I just want to lie here.

Does she not get it? Is it not obvious? Just lie down over there for a minute, please, for fuck sake.

Oh, that hot breath. Put it somewhere else, please.

I just want to sleep. Can’t she just rollover for one minute?

Fuck this. I’ll go take a piss.

Hair’s all over the place and looks like shit. Who’s arsed?

I hope she’s trying to get some sleep when I walk back in.

Oh for fuck sake, she’s waiting for me. Please don’t give me those eyes.

Suppose I better get this over with so I can get some sleep.

Ugh, alright, I thought a couple of kisses would slow her down.

I just want to lie here. Please, just let me lie here peacefully.

Arrrrgh. Just give me some space! Sex isn’t worth this!

Close your eyes. Hopefully she’ll get the message.

Just mumble. Hopefully she’ll get the message.

Yes, finally. Thank fuck.

Now just sleep. You can cart her off first thing in the morning.


Sundance Kid

The Sundance Kid is the youngest Bromigo and an avid supporter/gobshite of Liverpool FC. Spanish girls apply within.

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