How To Get Laid Through Online Dating

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So, you want to get laid through online dating?

You’ve come to the right place. My new Ebook, suitably titled “How To Get Laid Through Online Dating“, will teach you all the tricks, tips and methods to have sex with more girls using some of the biggest websites such as OKCupid, POF and Badoo. I’ve even thrown a bit on Tinder in there for you too.

This Ebook is only a measly $5!

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What you will learn with my Ebook

  • Do you want to get laid online more than you are now?
  • Do you want more girls to message you first?
  • Do you want to have a kick ass profile that gets you attention?
  • Do you want to know the psychology behind online dating?
  • Do you want to message more girls and get more responses?
  • Do you want opening messages to send with proven results?

I’ll teach you all of the above, and more in “How to Get Laid Through Online Dating”.

Inside the book, I cover:

  • What online dating is for
  • How to get the most out of your profile and pictures
  • How to screen for girls who just want sex
  • What the best OKcupid openers and POF openers are
  • How to get a girl’s number in just TWO messages
  • What to say if a girl looks at your profile and doesn’t message you
  • What the competition are saying to the girls you’re hitting on
  • How to get girls messaging you first

and I’ve even put in some first date advice that is almost guaranteed to get you laid!

Sound good?

Get the book now! It’s ONLY $5. For $5 you’ll learn how to have more sex and how to improve your dating life immeasurably. It’s not just a quick read, it’s an investment for your future dating life.

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This knowledge will remain with you for years. From the OKCupid openers that will open your eyes (and a girl’s legs) to how simple it all is, to the psychology of online dating that will completely change your experience from this point forward.


“Reading Matt’s book it becomes clear how simple online male-female dating dynamics really can be. In the dating community, people often overestimate the effectiveness of certain phrases and routines to ‘trick’ a woman into finding value in you.

Matt cuts through this type of ‘information’ and presents a no-nonsense guide in getting girls from dating site to duvet. Using a ‘cocky’ vibe and a straight to the point approach, he presents a formula that is perfectly useable by the beginner or experienced player.”

– Teedub, reputable RVF member

If you need OKCupid openers or other online messages to send to girls, I’m the man to come to.

You may have seen my “OKCupid openers – my most successful” post last year. Here’s some of the feedback I’ve had to that one particular post.

“I’ve been using your mouse line for a quick minute. Hands down the best opener I’ve used. Shit’s golden boys keep up the good work.”

“That love it or hate it game is easily one of the best ice breakers! I’ve been trying for the longest with no success & got four responses off of that good shit!”

“Man this shit works so well. I have had so many replies”

“That little game you suggested works great-it’s like chick crack-they love to talk about their feelings-what they like and don’t-and it really builds rapport fast. You can find out a lot about them and it was easy to take sexual too. Thanks!” – Mr XY – reputable RVF member

“I used MattC’s line from the3bromigos to get laid. Keep up the awesome blog” – FourToTheFloor – reputable RVF member

Still not convinced?

Here’s a picture of my work in action that you’ll find in the book.

online dating openers

Look at that! Two messages and I have her number!!

Want to find out how to do the same? You’ll get the FULL unedited version in “How to Get Laid Through Online Dating“.

So, what are you waiting for?! Find out how to get laid with online dating with my unique online dating openers NOW and secure a date with a girl tonight!

It’ll be the best $5 you spend all year.

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To be successful with online dating, it takes more than just the opening message. You have to work on your online dating profile too, and I’ll even help you with that!

  • If you’re lazy, I’ll give you an awesome profile to copy and paste.
  • If you need tips to be more inventive with your own profile, I’ve got them.
  • If you want to see what other guys’ profiles look like and the messages they send, then I’ve got the examples.

I cover absolutely EVERYTHING you’ll ever need to get laid with online dating.

You won’t find these tips and tricks anywhere else online, guaranteed. Everything in my book is 100% unique and I cut through all the bullshit. Using my book, you WILL get laid online.

“What about us older guys?”

This Ebook is for everyone. Whether you’re looking for girls 15 years younger than you, or women in their 30s.

Worried about whether you’ll scare off women due to your age? Don’t be! This Ebook is for men of all ages, and as long as you follow my tips, you WILL get sex from more girls.

I will help you not be a loser in the online dating world. You’ll see examples of BAD profiles that you’re going to steer clear from for the rest of your online dating days.

Using this book, you’ll be in the top 1% of guys using online dating for sex. Not only will your results improve with women, but your overall confidence too.

I’m going to change your psychology and attitude to online dating. This is more than just what a few awesome online dating opening messages can do – although you will have these too! What you think about online dating will change forever for the better.

You’ll be able to take the research I’ve done and apply my teachings going forward. I’ll uncover things you didn’t even know about online dating that can be used all to YOUR advantage, and the disadvantage to all the other guys out there.

Buy it now while the price is still low! It’s only $5.

If you’re looking to get a date for the weekend, you WILL get one if you buy this book and use my online openers.

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What’s the best thing about the book?

I cover absolutely everything you need to have sex with online dating. I’ll help you style your profile to make your life sound more interesting, even if it isn’t, and I’ll help you get the most out of your pictures to not only improve your profile, but to improve your life!

How can I do that? Find out now and buy the book!

The online dating openers included in this book have all got real proof of them working. I pride myself on being open and honest with you guys, so you’ll see the full interactions with the girls I’m seducing online, and I’ve even included my failures to show I’m human.

It all sounds so good. What’s the catch?

Okay, of course, there is a catch. And it’s only one.

What this Ebook CAN’T do, is this:

Find your soulmate or a long term relationship.

That’s it! That’s the catch!

How To Get Laid Through Online Dating is all about what it says on the tin – how to get laid online! It’s that simple!

If you want a long term relationship with a girl from online dating, I’m not going to help you. You can buy the book for your amusement’s sake and learn a thing or two, but one thing my advice is not catered for, is for searching for “the one”.

  • Do you want to have sex online?
  • Do you need OKCupid openers to message girls to get them interested?
  • Do you want more girls interested in you?
  • Do you want OKCupid profile tips and POF profile tips? Or Badoo profile advice?
  • How about first date advice for after you’ve got the girl’s number?

If so, I’ve got all the online dating advice for you.

Want to be all loved up and in a long term relationship from POF? Look elsewhere, mate!

For my no bullshit approach on how to get have sex with girls from online dating, my book is available to you for just $5.

That’s right, $5! Five measly dollars.

For your instant download, get it quick before the price goes up.

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You may not even recognise how bad you are

If you are getting laid online every now and then, did you know that using my book I can help you get laid more?

Using my methods around a very busy banking career, I was having sex with TWO girls every weekend. If you’ve got every evening free after work and you’re using my online dating advice, my online dating openers, and my knowledge, there’s no reason why YOU can’t be having sex with AT LEAST 3 more girls per week.

If you’re not getting laid and don’t know why, I’ll teach you why. Most importantly, I’ll teach you how to improve yourself, your dating profile and your sex life.


Buy the book now.

Get it before the price goes up. It’s only $5! ONLY FIVE DOLLARS!

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Most of all, I’m sure you guys will find it an entertaining read as well as knowledgable.

You’re in for a real treat with this.

I look forward to hearing your stories!

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