The “Manosphere” and Unmasking

When I was first introduced to the “manosphere”, I thought that everyone would be like me: striving for excellence and hell-bent on self improvement. The more I’ve been around, the more I’ve realised that the whole thing is a facade.

It’s a bitter place, mostly written by bitter guys. Retelling stories of “being alpha” and an asshole to girls is a front for the bitterness most feel at the hands of our opposite gender. Mostly due to not being successful with good looking girls. This sounds like a trivial and cliche attack you’d expect from a girl who’s stumbled upon the “manosphere”, but it’s true. There are very few legit people whose lifestyles match those of which they’re talking about.

I wrote in a post a while back that we have connections to some of the “bigger” people on this side of the internet, and I know stories about some of the guys you lot idolise that would instantly make you stop reading their blogs.

I’ve seen pictures of some of the people writing in the “manosphere” and I thought to myself, why the hell would I listen to this person for advice? Some of the guys’ pictures are out in the open, some have been seen by accident and some I’ve seen without their knowledge through the connections we have.

It’s really opened my eyes. Some of the most well known guys on here are absolute losers, but their writing is good and they get a lot of attention because of it. What can these guys teach me? Honestly? Nothing.

They can’t teach me about style, they can’t teach me about having sex with beautiful women and they can’t teach me about how to earn lots of money. Why? Because they’ve done none of it themselves.

It poses a pertinent question. If these guys are writing about the behaviour of women, what kind of women are they interacting with? Are their experiences relevant to you? Is their obvious bitterness due to the fact that they realise their real level and can’t write about hot girls like some of us are?

Put it this way: I want to have sex with the best looking girls around. After reading some blogs like Matt Forney, Danny504 and a fair few others as well as my Twitter feed, I’d expect their information on female behaviour to be compelling and knowledgeable. And it is. They have very good blogs. They’ve got a lot of information, so surely I can learn from them? Well, after seeing their pictures and knowing information about them from some of my connections, I can say with 100% absolute confidence that they’ve not got one iota of information that would benefit my life. It may benefit yours though if you’re at a similar level to them.

If I want to learn about having sex with really hot girls, I’d go and read Christian McQueen’s stuff or listen to his podcasts. If I want to interact with guys who are well rounded individuals then I’d go to YouSoWould or XSplat. If I wanted to learn about girls in different countries, I’d go to Roosh. If I wanted to learn about daygame, I’d go to Krauser or Steve Jabba. If I wanted to learn about style, I’d go to Masculine Style.

I’m know I’m missing some guys out that know I know they’re legit, but why would I bother with the rest? Why would I waste my time reading about guys who have none of the above except for a theory blog about their interactions with ugly and fat girls? Their opinions on women and experiences bear no resemblance to my own because they’re not at a high level. Would you take gym advice from a guy who doesn’t go to the gym? No.

That said, some of the blogs are pretty entertaining, but the whole concept of the “manosphere” isn’t one which I originally thought. It’s turning into (or has always been) a bitter cesspit of guys not having sex with hot girls and writing about experiences as if they are, and defining characteristics of hot girls with their experiences of ugly or fat girls. When your opinion of women is based on ugly and fat girls, then I can understand the bitterness.

But for those of us that have experienced high quality women, we sit cringing at some of the content being written.

Below is a picture of me. It’s at a pretty packed bar and I demanded to make my own drinks and was obviously allowed. Throughout my time writing this blog, I’ve always been up front with you guys with the girls I’ve had sex with and the lifestyle I’m trying to live. Some girls I’ve put pictures up of and they’re still there, some I’ve put up and taken down, and some I haven’t mostly due to my conscience.

Everything I’ve written about in this post, I’ve gone through like the bitterness, false bravado and theory. I’ve used the “manosphere” as a stepping stone. I’ve gone through the motions to get where I am now, and I’m still going. I’m nowhere near finished yet.

I’m not the biggest guy, but I’ve not exactly been peddling out gym advice. I live by what I say. Why write stuff for you that I can’t back up?

I’m getting a bit disillusioned with all this “manosphere” stuff and am probably going to stop writing for a while. It’s not really adding to my life anymore and I don’t have much motivation to carry on writing. You can still get me on Twitter as I’ll always have things to vent, but for now, I’m not arsed with writing.

Sundance Kid

The Sundance Kid is the youngest Bromigo and an avid supporter/gobshite of Liverpool FC. Spanish girls apply within.

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  • +100

    The manosphere is a stepping stone on the path to real success. Except a lot of people mistake it for a destination, instead of part of the journey. I only read about 4 blogs any more, which still provide value.

    Put it this way – how many millionaire playboys do you think can be bothered to blog to a bunch of mainly nerds on the Internet? Right. They’re too busy having a “who’s got the biggest super yacht” competition.

    If you want to achieve something, seek out those that have done it, or are doing it. Thus, if you want to achieve sleeping with a bunch of 6s and 7s, acting like someone you aren’t, and crushing your emotions so you can pretend you’re happy, then come to the manosphere. If you want to be a decent, moral, well-rounded, rich and successful man – not so much.

  • About time someone else called these guys out, or at least this so-called movement.

    Even the so-called spearhead Roosh had ranted on what it has become (the Manosphere).

    I’ve written about 10 posts in the past about the Manosphere and its diatribe and hypocrisy and projection of inner deficiencies.

    • The Manosphere is much like an unwieldy, rather disorganized library of knowledge. It’s also a public stage where any voice can be heard. That’s reflective of the Internet in general.

      As a library, there is some wisdom for almost every man based on his own life goals. It’s just hard to find sometimes. There are no librarians to consistently categorize the knowledge. We simply have writers recommending (or criticizing) other writers through our blog posts and blog rolls.

      As a public stage, the loudest voices are heard most often in the Manosphere. Anger motivates loud voices and too often drowns out those more moderate voices.

      • Dude why are you always defending these retards? You’ve met enough of them at this point to have seen the same shit I have, yet you’re always propping up the losers. I don’t get it.

    • I’ve got mixed opinions about Roosh. I know a few things about him that others don’t which in my eyes question his credibility. But the guy is a great writer, making decent money from it and has built an “empire” on here which has brought him a lot of success. I say fair do’s.

  • It’s too bad that you’re taking a break as I enjoy your stuff – but I understand. You gotta do you.

    Take it easy and good luck in future endeavors.


    • Thanks, mate. You know I know you’re legit. 😉

      Hopefully see you again at some point next year.

      • I’ll be in London shortly after New Year’s for a time. Drop me a line if you’re in the area.

  • Man, I would LOVE to put some of these loser bloggers on blast.

    • Blast away. Who gains by protecting guys who don’t deserve it?

    • what’s stopping you? all bark, no bite little doggy?

      • A 5’3 borderline midget using the word “little” as a descriptor. Couldn’t make that shit up.

        Why call you out? Anybody with sense already knows you’re a chubby old fraud with a serious drug/alcohol problem. I’ve seen pics of the chicks you (claim to) fuck. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

        Stay up. Or at least try to get up after you black out.

        • finally.

          i can at least respect Nate. you’re a pussy. i’ve never hidden anything about myself on my site. you’ve spoken to me and know exactly who/what you’re dealing with. yet, you stay well hidden behind anonymity (and notice i haven’t outted you) talking shit yet bowed out of this little corner of the web.

          you’re clown shoes. always have been, always will be, you fucking pussy. even guys who met you in DC are laughing at your sorry ass.

          again…eat a dick bro.

          • Bronan The Barbarian!

            You silenced one of the greatest voices of blog world in the lowest possible way, not once but twice. You’re one inebriated comment away from ruining someone’s employment. I bowed out so I wasn’t next, costing me a fun site that I spent years building and that pulled in several hundred dollars per month. Thanks for that. Guarantee that anybody who’s on your current drunk dial roster knows more about me than they should, but it’s fine because “they’re cool.” I know three different guys’ real name and location because of you. Remember that? Or does a pharmaceutical/booze fugue state give you a free pass to innocence?

            Notice how nobody picked up the phone when you called us all over and over again in DC? We were all in the same room along with VK, Gmac and Roosh. Every single one of us was heaving sighs of relief that you weren’t there. Maybe you’ve polluted Bill Powell enough to dislike me, which is unfortunate as he’s a genuinely good guy. The rest of the guys? Nah. Nate showed me the chicks you pass off as “9s” in your writing. The crack whore stripper. The Indian chick with the mustache. The bulbous, sagging and chewed-upon rack that we’ve affectionally nicknamed “Worm Tits.” How about that chick that looks like she’s taking a shit?

            Your charmingly illiterate reimagining of Mystery Method and butthole-licking comments on female blogs may generate a few fans. Good for you. Hopefully your Christmas wish was for enough writing skill to spell “outed” properly.

            Stay up fella.

          • there you go sweetie. now don’t you feel better having gotten that sand out your clit? if not, i hear vagasil works too.

  • There is nothing more tired than hating on “The Manosphere.”

    The world consists of people worth paying attention to, and people who should be ignored. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. If someone in your RSS feed isn’t adding value, delete them.

    Every month or so, some blogger declares a meltdown and permanent schism with “The Manosphere” but what does that even mean? Are you going to stop reading the sites that you get value from because of their (imagined) allegiance to “The Manosphere”? Does the mere existence of shitty blogs affect you so deeply that you have to quit writing?

    You mention two specific writers, Matt Forney and Danny.

    Why does Matt Forney piss you off? He’s not portraying himself as something he’s not, i.e. selling workout plans or game advice. He writes about books, culture, and internet marketing, and he does it well. Of course Danny from 504 is a tool. Don’t blame other bloggers if you had trouble picking up on that.

    You want to read high-value posts and books by smart guys who will add value to your life? Ditch the Manosphere and check out the “Thumotic-sphere”

    Alpha Game
    Anarcho Papist
    Bold and Determined
    Danger And Play
    Free Northerner
    Good Looking Loser
    Hawaiian Libertarian
    Jack Donovan
    Laid NYC
    Matt Forney
    Maverick Traveler
    Naughty Nomad
    Post Masculine
    Quest For 50
    Radish Mag
    Rational Male
    Return of Kings
    Roosh V
    The Spearhead
    Three Bromigos

    (Copy-pasted from my sidebar)

    Or better yet build your own personal Bromigosphere and ignore anyone who isn’t worthy of it. But don’t waste time and energy hating people who you can remove from your life with the click of a button.

    And if you want to take a break from writing, do it… but don’t do it for a stupid reason. Don’t penalize the cool guys who get value from your blog, because of a few dorks who ultimately have no impact on your life.

    • liam


    • lol. gee, a few of these guys routinely link me.

    • I never said those guys pissed me off, because they don’t. Very few things regarding the internet piss me off and I’m simply of the mindset that you’ve suggested. If I don’t like something, I won’t do it, and if I don’t want to read something, I won’t.

      They run decent blogs, and as I said, I don’t get value from them. I believe myself to be at a higher level than them in the things that matter most to me in life which I outlined in the post. But I can’t take those kinds of guys seriously when they call themselves alpha men. There’s quite a lot out there that do it, I’ve done it in the past and I’m not an alpha male but I’ve seen the error of my ways instead of continuing in this fake persona. I’m just using them as an example to carry on from the post. But when you know you’re reading about a persona, what’s the point of reading the rest? Everything is fake. Would you take gym advice from a guy who hasn’t been to the gym? Would you take financial advice from a guy who hasn’t made a single penny in his life? Even if they would give you that advice in an entertaining and engaging way?

      I think you’ve missed the point of the post. The manosphere, for me, exists as a place of knowledge. I’ve got from it what I need to get from it, and haven’t read anyone’s blogs in months. Maybe I will in the future, who knows?

      I’m not stopping because of the place as a whole being a pretty hypocritical and bitter, delusional one. I’m stopping simply because of what I said: I get nothing from it and it’s not adding to my life.

      • I get your frustration. Guys love to play guru, they get a few twitter followers and get addicted to the rush of being treated like an authority figure.

        I also think it’s a good idea to take breaks from the seduction/manosphere/whatever community.

        But it’s sad to see guys who have a lot to offer, like you and YSW, put down the pen rather than cull your online social circle down to the humble guys who are actually trying to teach and learn.

        Anyways enjoy the hiatus and hope to see you back at it in a few months.

  • ah. so THIS is who he was talking talking about. he mentioned you. he’ll be back in home soon enough and i’m sure he’ll have some interesting things to discuss with you.

    matter of fact, i think i’ll call him and tell him about this post. i’m sure he’ll have a laugh.

    i’m starting to adore the haters more and more. thanks for loathing me so much as to mention me on your site.

    kisses cupcake.

  • GM

    I’m glad somebody had the balls to say this.

    It seems to me at times that the Manosphere is like a cult, with the more intransigent members viciously deriding those who dare to criticise their beloved movement, or go against the grain.

    The most bizarre thing for me is the amount of negativity. For something that claims to be a self-help movement, there’s a staggering amount of moaning over the state of Western culture, Western women, feminism and so on. A true self-help movement would encourage positivity. It’s like people forget that only a tiny minority of women are radical feminists, so they write as though the entirety of women in the Western world are doomed.

    For those who really care about getting better with women, the best site I have ever found (and that includes Manosphere sites), is It’s full of in-depth but practical articles offering simple advice, with no obscure meta-level concepts of being an ‘Alpha male’ and no far-right political rhetoric thrown in for no good reason.

    It’s the site that started me on this whole path and now, after reading the ‘sphere for a while, I’ve come full circle and refer to it exclusively; I’m yet to find a better reference.

    I’m not saying the ‘sphere is useless but the signal to noise ratio is unfavorable to say the least and the whole moaning about feminism and the like really does my head in. If you’re claiming to be a self-help movement, why focus on the negatives?

    • Absolutely spot on, mate.

      I can’t take the guys on here seriously for two reasons: first I know what they and their lives are really like, and second because writing over and over again that you’re an “alpha male” yet spending all your time on the internet talking shit about girls and engaging in arguments over the internet regarding feminism is completely ridiculous.

      I’ll give credit where it’s due, but the majority of these guys are leading men astray. For someone who is new to the whole scene, they’ll be inundated with bitter blog posts about female behaviour and feminism from guys that aren’t actually pulling hot girls. I came across it all to learn how to have sex with the best looking women, not to whinge about how masculine a girl is or thinking that another internet loser in the form of a feminist blogger is an accurate portrayal of the state of a country.

      There are very few guys in the manosphere that can teach me to get what I want, and there are very few guys on it that I’d actually like to hang out with.

      I wrote my feelings on the manosphere in a post entitled “Power and Status” a few months back. The majority are in what I call “tier 2″ which really is no much better than the average person. It’s like a cult, you’re right, and it seems people become brainwashed. Someone else’s negative experiences with a girl of questionable quality on the other side of the country will shape someone’s view of women in its entirety. But if you speak out, you’re having a “meltdown” because this is supposedly the pinnacle of society.

      I’ll check that website out sometime. Sounds like it could be fun.

  • you are just now understanding it is stupid?

    it’s like a tree house fort full of little boys jerk circling with a sign on the door that says no girls allowed.

  • I understand some of your angst, but I don’t understand your need to attack Matt and Danny. I know both of them personally, and they are cool, smart and level headed guys. Danny is very much a ladies man, and I have seen this in person.

    Judging from what you have said, you should get advice on picking up women from tall, handsome Alpha males who are bagging 10s. That would be completely fucking useless.

    I’m a tall, handsome and wealthy man. My idea of “game” is walking up and saying hello. I can pull an 8 or 9 any time I go out. Does that help you? Does it help other men, average men? No. If a guy is short and not super attractive, and still pulls decent women…..that’s the guy I would listen to, because he’s obviously figured some shit out.

    But, since you think there is nothing to learn from us poor pathetic posers…. I challenge you to a contest of martial arts, chess, picking up women, archery, hunting, fishing, brute strength, or comparing incomes. Your call. Since you are so amazing that you have nothing more to learn, you should be able to conquer me.

    You, sir, are the problem if you think there is nothing more to learn. Apparently you read the wrong blogs.

    And you prop Roosh up as a guru to follow? He visits a country and cannot get laid IN AN ENTIRE COUNTRY and then whines about it and blames feminism? He’s a fucking paper Alpha.

    • Seen your mistress. She’s a 5 at best.

    • damn, the giant has been awoken. Doc, fuck these guys. i’ve had more than one email from prominent bloggers that were laughing over this. i was done with this post long ago. but, one blogger is blog-rolled here that said he’ll never promote this site.

      carnies and rubes Doc, carnies and rubes. i only hope a “friend” hasn’t betrayed us and is going to stay neutral. as for this site, whatev’s, they can keep sucking up to the “old guard” of the sphere, they clearly don’t know what they are doing.

      and Mistress is a 5. BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      Doc, walk away. these guys are clown shoes. and their readership/lack of views shows it. i was fine with leaving it be, but they pushed it. this site is irrelevant now. it’ll be less so soon enough.

      don’t believe me, sit back and watch.

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  • To think, you could have bowed out gracefully and had nothing but best wishes and farewells. Instead you decide to go out slinging insults, calling us bitter losers and making enemies. I’ll never understand.

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  • I’ll bet you wouldn’t be taking so much shit if you were in front of my face.

    Actually I got an 1260 on the SAT so nice try.

    I’m not hiding since you know what city i’m in. Come say hi or are you too scared and going to stay behind your keyboard?

  • The Geographer

    After reading all these comments, all I can add is that Spengler’s Universal Law works both ways.

  • That’s really how you’re going to prove the worth of 2 people you don’t know – by their SAT scores? Pathetic. And just to prove you wrong, I got an 1880 (new). ACT was higher, 29. “Idiots” may have been a poor choice of words.

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  • gz

    ” Well, after seeing their pictures and knowing information about them from some of my connections, I can say with 100% absolute confidence that they’ve not got one iota of information that would benefit my life. It may benefit yours though if you’re at a similar level to them.”

    I’m nt sure whether to be amused at Matt Forney getting some of his own medicine or annoyed by your arrogance.

  • Wait a sec, wait a sec. This guy goes on about how horrible the manosphere is, but then in the same breath he praises such guys like Christian Mcqueen (just a snake oil salesman)? Come on, people. Can’t you tell there is NO method that will tell you the “secret” to ANYTHING in life? Everyone’s looking for instructions from someone who’s just trying to sell books!

    • You look worth a poke. Makes a change from the usual women that come on here chatting shit.

      • Matt

        “I’m not stopping because of the place as a whole being a pretty hypocritical and bitter, delusional one. I’m stopping simply because of what I said: I get nothing from it and it’s not adding to my life.”

        I totally agree. That is why I am gonna kick myself in the ass to stop visiting sites I was addicted to like the MGTOW ones and NMMNG. Even Rollo and all.

        I felt at the end I was like one of those folks blaming everything on Whitey. Except substitute gynocentricism.

        When I realized I knew more about women in a way before this manosphere kick I got into there, just like you say, “it’s not adding anything to me life anymore.” I just had the exact sentence go through my head a few weeks ago.

        I googled “manosphere is dead” and was relieved to read from someone more relatable than Roosh, etc. Great post, dude.

        At the end of the day the manosphere is sour grapes that I am sick and tired of. Time to move the hell on.