The “Manosphere” and Unmasking

When I was first introduced to the “manosphere”, I thought that everyone would be like me: striving for excellence and hell-bent on self improvement. The more I’ve been around, the more I’ve realised that the whole thing is a facade.

It’s a bitter place, mostly written by bitter guys. Retelling stories of “being alpha” and an asshole to girls is a front for the bitterness most feel at the hands of our opposite gender. Mostly due to not being successful with good looking girls. This sounds like a trivial and cliche attack you’d expect from a girl who’s stumbled upon the “manosphere”, but it’s true. There are very few legit people whose lifestyles match those of which they’re talking about.

I wrote in a post a while back that we have connections to some of the “bigger” people on this side of the internet, and I know stories about some of the guys you lot idolise that would instantly make you stop reading their blogs.

I’ve seen pictures of some of the people writing in the “manosphere” and I thought to myself, why the hell would I listen to this person for advice? Some of the guys’ pictures are out in the open, some have been seen by accident and some I’ve seen without their knowledge through the connections we have.

It’s really opened my eyes. Some of the most well known guys on here are absolute losers, but their writing is good and they get a lot of attention because of it. What can these guys teach me? Honestly? Nothing.

They can’t teach me about style, they can’t teach me about having sex with beautiful women and they can’t teach me about how to earn lots of money. Why? Because they’ve done none of it themselves.

It poses a pertinent question. If these guys are writing about the behaviour of women, what kind of women are they interacting with? Are their experiences relevant to you? Is their obvious bitterness due to the fact that they realise their real level and can’t write about hot girls like some of us are?

Put it this way: I want to have sex with the best looking girls around. After reading some blogs like Matt Forney, Danny504 and a fair few others as well as my Twitter feed, I’d expect their information on female behaviour to be compelling and knowledgeable. And it is. They have very good blogs. They’ve got a lot of information, so surely I can learn from them? Well, after seeing their pictures and knowing information about them from some of my connections, I can say with 100% absolute confidence that they’ve not got one iota of information that would benefit my life. It may benefit yours though if you’re at a similar level to them.

If I want to learn about having sex with really hot girls, I’d go and read Christian McQueen’s stuff or listen to his podcasts. If I want to interact with guys who are well rounded individuals then I’d go to YouSoWould or XSplat. If I wanted to learn about girls in different countries, I’d go to Roosh. If I wanted to learn about daygame, I’d go to Krauser or Steve Jabba. If I wanted to learn about style, I’d go to Masculine Style.

I’m know I’m missing some guys out that know I know they’re legit, but why would I bother with the rest? Why would I waste my time reading about guys who have none of the above except for a theory blog about their interactions with ugly and fat girls? Their opinions on women and experiences bear no resemblance to my own because they’re not at a high level. Would you take gym advice from a guy who doesn’t go to the gym? No.

That said, some of the blogs are pretty entertaining, but the whole concept of the “manosphere” isn’t one which I originally thought. It’s turning into (or has always been) a bitter cesspit of guys not having sex with hot girls and writing about experiences as if they are, and defining characteristics of hot girls with their experiences of ugly or fat girls. When your opinion of women is based on ugly and fat girls, then I can understand the bitterness.

But for those of us that have experienced high quality women, we sit cringing at some of the content being written.

Below is a picture of me. It’s at a pretty packed bar and I demanded to make my own drinks and was obviously allowed. Throughout my time writing this blog, I’ve always been up front with you guys with the girls I’ve had sex with and the lifestyle I’m trying to live. Some girls I’ve put pictures up of and they’re still there, some I’ve put up and taken down, and some I haven’t mostly due to my conscience.

Everything I’ve written about in this post, I’ve gone through like the bitterness, false bravado and theory. I’ve used the “manosphere” as a stepping stone. I’ve gone through the motions to get where I am now, and I’m still going. I’m nowhere near finished yet.

I’m not the biggest guy, but I’ve not exactly been peddling out gym advice. I live by what I say. Why write stuff for you that I can’t back up?

I’m getting a bit disillusioned with all this “manosphere” stuff and am probably going to stop writing for a while. It’s not really adding to my life anymore and I don’t have much motivation to carry on writing. You can still get me on Twitter as I’ll always have things to vent, but for now, I’m not arsed with writing.


Matt is the youngest Bromigo and an avid supporter/gobshite of Liverpool FC. Spanish girls apply within.

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